18 Nov 2013

‘Coordination needed for marketing children films’

18th International Children’s Film festival
Marketing of children’s films is not an easy task and needs a coordinated effort by all agencies involved in the children’s films movement, says Sannette Naeye a festival director from Netherlands. 

Addressing the media at the main venue of 18th International Children’s Film festival, Mrs. Naeye, made a power point presentation on the problems of marketing children’s films. 

She said that unless there was a coordinated effort by all agencies the problems will continue and the children will be the worst sufferers. She called for a networking of all film makers and institutions across the globe to promote more theatres for children’s films, funding, marketing and also facilitation in film production. 

She called for a uniform legislation to ban certain basic elements like blood, nudity and violence, superstitions and also evil customs. Children are easily attracted to these bad elements. It is the duty of the adults to make them understand and guide them, she said. 

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