18 Nov 2013

‘Women oriented films in negligible numbers in Scandinavian nations’

Even achieving a distinction of women liberalization in all fronts, women-oriented films are in negligible numbers among Scandinavian nations, said Vibeka Noergaard Muasya, a Denmark film maker here on Monday. 

Speaking at an ‘Open Forum’ on ‘Gendered Content-Girls made visible’, conducted in connection with the 18th International Children’s Film Festival, Ms. Muasya explained that the region has still has to go a long way in making of the women oriented films. 

Afghanistan film maker Siddiq Barmak stressed that the society should encourage the women in all fronts. Cinema is nothing but a reflection of the society and giving priority for women is based on the story line, he said. His film ‘Osama’ was selected for the screening at the ICFFI. 

Taina film producer Virginia Limberger said that there were 90 per cent of women crew worked for the movie. The main theme of the story is also on Red Indian, who wishes to become a warrior and discovering her true origin. Journalism teacher Jeroo Mulla moderated the forum. 

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