18 Nov 2013

In Spite of All Odds, A Short Movie From Tunisia

In spite of odds and little support from the government, directors like Anis Lassoud from Tunisia has come up with an impressive short film ‘Sabbat l Aid (My Shoes)’ for screening at the Competition International shorts category here at the ongoing 18th International Children’s Film Festival. 

Speaking to the PIB, Mr. Anis said that after the recent revolution in Tunisia, most of theaters had been closed. People had little interest in coming to theaters for movies; they prefer to watch movie stuff only on television. There are very few film makers in our country, which concerned for children movies, he said. 

Explaining on theme of his short movie, ‘A nine year old nadir loves to run, as if he wants to defy gravity. While shopping for Eid clothes with his parents, he sets his heart on a pair of expensive shoes beyond what his father can afford’, he said. 

Huge turnout of audience at the festival is really amazing and I hope it is key element in the success of the ICFFI, he said. Mr. Anis suggested that an award could be given to a film based on the children’s choice. 

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