18 Nov 2013

From Medicine to Direction

Children's Film
Snigdha Singh is the happiest mother as ‘Tamaash’ , a Hindi short film produced and directed by her sons Satyanshu Singh and Devanshu Singh, got selected for screening at the ongoing 18th International Children Film Festival India in Hyderabad.

“Like every mother I feel happy when I find my sons as great achievers, even though it is their first success, said Snigdha Singh. 

Speaking to PIB, Mr. Satyanshu said that he was much interested to make art films rather than the comedy commercials. When I was a small kid itself, my mother educated me about the movies, he said. 

“In this industry the more we have to look for is hard work and dedication as the interest and influence is not enough to shine bright. Despite being a Doctor, I made my entry because my parents believe that I am very good at the creative field. 

I am elated to be a part of the film festival in Hyderabad as it is his first short film which is getting a great applause from all around the world” he said. “Even though he attended many other film festivals this is the first time I am attending and it is much interesting to be here, she said. 

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